Love knows what is essential

Some people fear that when beauty fades, so does love. These individuals have little real knowledge of love and less respect for themselves, for in reality, it is the other way around; beauty fades only when love is gone.

Love makes us more comfortable with and accepting of each other’s imperfections. It doesn’t care that we’ve accquired a new set of wrinkles on our face, that our skin is flabbier than it used to be, that we have developed a more substantial midriff.

When we love, we see through such inconsequential things. We concentrate on internal beauty that is unaffected by time or age. It is not that love is blind, it is, rather, that love sees what is essential.

/* 21.2.2008 က For my dearest and nearest little sister Hsu ဆိုၿပီး  မမငု ကၽြန္မကို ေပးခဲ့ေသာ လက္ေဆာင္ေပါင္းမ်ားစြာထဲက တစ္ခုပါ။ ရုတ္ခ်ည္း သတိရလာတာနဲ႔ အမွတ္တရ ျပန္တင္ထားလိုက္တာပါ။ တကယ္ပဲ အခ်စ္က ဘာအေရးၾကီးလဲဆိုတာေျပာျပေပးလားေတာ့ ကၽြန္မ ခုထိ မသိေသးပါဘူး။ */

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